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In August of 2007, I became a charter member of's Vine Voices program as well.  You'll find links to all of my reviews on the pages at the links below.  After reviewing books for CK2S Kwips & Kritiques for a few years also, I decided to launch my own Book Review House at Wild on Books, and opened it in April of 2008.

The reviews for Wild on Books are all books currently, but you never know what the future holds in store...  The Amazon reviews will be books, music, movies, hardware, gadgets - anything that Amazon offers for sale!  The reviews for CK2S Kwips & Kritiques are all books. 

I write honest, fair reviews.  If I love the book, I'll probably sound like its biggest cheerleader!  If I found issues with the book, I'll point them out as constructively as possible.  Lucky for me, even those books I've had to score with a lower rating have had positive aspects I was able to point out alongside the negative.  I try very hard to ensure that my reviews never sound mean or snarky.  That's just not helpful at all, and isn't necessary.

I don't believe reviews should have spoilers.  There is a huge difference between a book review and a book report.  A book report should tell what the book is about without giving the story away, and also give your opinion of the book.  A book report analyzes every nuance and plot twist in a book.  I find all too many 'reviewers' tend to write book reports instead of reviews.

Do I accept direct review requests?  Yes, you may request a review from me directly if you wish - in fact it is is a great compliment!  If it is a book or item that I am interested in and my schedule works with your deadline, I'll probably accept the request.  If the item or book has no interest for me, I'm probably not the best reviewer for it.  I firmly believe that every book or item deserves the best chance at a great review, and that comes from someone who actually wants to read or use that item.  Seriously, who wants a review of a movie about a war from someone who can't stand war movies?  And of course, sometimes the deadlines just don't coincide with my schedule.  Just email me with details about the item you wish reviewed (book blurb, item description, etc.) if you would like me to consider reviewing it. 


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