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I have several hobbies that keep me busy. I am an avid reader – obsessive might be the better word! Actually, I love a good story, which encompasses movies, television, music, and books. While not a professional, I am a decent karaoke singer, and need neither dare nor drink to get up and sing! My family also enjoys karaoke, and several of us have our own karaoke systems and discs. I’ve started a karaoke site with my songlist and information about various software, stores, and equipment.

I am easily entertained, finding things of interest just about anywhere – I can’t remember the last time I was bored. I’m an ENTP who also values her alone time, believing it is healthy to ‘recharge’ one’s batteries, and stay in tune with yourself. That said, I love social gatherings, and especially love to entertain.

Cooking is a longtime passion of mine – especially when cooking for my friends or family. I am just as likely to try new recipes as I am to make the old family favorites, and my cookbook collection is as large as my library of fiction!

Enjoying a nice glass of wine with friends is always fun, and I have been a member of various wine clubs for years. I also take every opportunity to attend area wine tastings with friends. If I ever win the lottery, I plan to take a tour of Europe, going from winery to winery.

I love silliness – anything to make people smile, especially myself! Never at the expense of others, of course. I love to smile and laugh, and of course I absolutely adore going to live comedy shows! I’ve been lucky enough to see some really great comedians live here in Nashville!

Inheriting my Grandfather’s love of technical gadgets, I parlayed that into a career in technology. What was once a hobby when I lived in a small town became a career when I moved to Nashville. If you have to work for a living, it’s great to have work you really enjoy most days.

I’ve been reviewing books and other products since 2006 and am a charter member of Amazon.com‘s Vine Voices program, which affords me the opportunity to review books, movies, and music for Amazon.com.