If I had a horse…

Jennifer A. Ray on Feb-18-2009

If I ever have my own horse, I will name it ‘Calgon’.

Then I can yell “Calgon, take me awaaaaayyyy” and it will know to break into a gallop when it hears that command.

And I would giggle every time…

Jennifer <– knows a lot of 1970’s commercials…

  1. Annmarie Said,

    LOVE it!

  2. Larry Williford Said,

    Ancient chinese secret…ha. loved that one too…I used to run around singing the “Nair” hair removal commercial…”We wear short shorts”..ha. Funny how the most ridiculous things stick in your mind for so many years. But, if your really gonna gallop away on a horse get you a long back scrubber and wave it around while your getting Calgoned awayyyyy…That would surely add to the effect. ha. 😆

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