What every man needs…

Jennifer A. Ray on Feb-21-2009

Looking for a gift for that special man in your life?  Need something personal, something he doesn’t already have, something useful?

Your search is over.  Enter the Weener Kleener!  Sized to fit most men, this handy little gadget will get up close and personal to clean your guy’s most important appendage…

I bet he doesn’t already have one.  🙂

Weener Kleener

Weener Kleener

  1. Jess Said,


    that would be the best stock stuffers for men.

    imagine thier faces as they open them in front of everyone LOL 😆

  2. Deb Said,

    😆 That will be some to put in DH kinky stocking.

  3. Natalie Said,


    I am getting my DH two of them. 😉

  4. Larry Williford Said,

    I guess that one is an extra small… 😉

  5. Annmarie Said,

    The next time my DH complains about my special face soap, I’ll show him this.

  6. Jillyan Said,

    Better clean then dirty, right?

  7. Inez Said,

    Is this for real? I love it! DH has a birthday comeing up, guess what is getting 😆 😆 😆

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