When a man calls himself an idiot…

Jennifer A. Ray on Feb-5-2009

When a man calls himself an idiot, you should listen to him.  He’s probably not kidding.

Not long ago, a man told me he was an idiot.  Naively, I assumed he was apologizing for past mistakes.  Looking back now, it seems he was warning me about the way he would treat me in the future. 

Another lesson learned the hard way…  As Richard Marx sang in the eighties, I shoulda known better…

  1. Annmarie Said,

    Once an idiot, always an idiot. You can’t beat the stupid out of some people. But it sure feels good trying.

  2. Summer Said,

    Why a woman always thinks when she meets a bad boy or an idiot or an unfathful man, that now SHE is the one that will change him. SHE is the only one who can show him real love and can tame him. I think this thinking is the fault of the woman’s world. And hopefully sometime we will learn from our mistakes 😉

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